Germany’s No. 1 in the field of commercial and technical operation
of wind farms
More than 300 employees locally and abroad are tending to more than 320 wind farms, solar farms and bio-mass plants with a total capacity of more than 3.400 MW. In addition to Germany, we are also operating in Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Poland, Finland, Canada and Taiwan.
Company Repowering/Investor Services/Direct Marketing of Energy
Since 1998, wpd windmanager have taken over all tasks in connection with the commercial and technical operation of – mainly – wind farms, but also solar farms and bio-mass plants. It is their aim to manage these facilities efficiently and with a view to profit. Among the clients of wpd windmanger are fund companies, national and international groups of investors as well as institutional investors.



from wpd windmanager’s turbines in 2016.

At present, we supply energy to households.


Aside from the German wind farms, we also take
care of objects in Belgium, France, Italy, Croatia, Poland and Taiwan.

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