24/7 control room

Full control

Our control room is the heart of our wind farm management. We monitor your wind farms 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter whether they are located in Germany, Chile or Taiwan. Our colleagues keep an eye on your wind farms all around the clock. This enables us to react immediately in case of disturbances and unforeseeable events.

Online operation monitoring 24/7 worldwide

Registrations and deregistrations

Failure and maintenance management

Coordination with grid operators

Communication with direct marketers for renewable energies

Marc Rosenkranz, Head of control room

Our technical operations management extends the functional scope of the control room. We take care of the day-to-day business and ensure the smooth operation of your wind farms. In case of problems, our experts quickly find the right solution and thus provide a high availability of your turbines. Detailed statistical evaluations of plant performance and technical documentation are just as much a part of our services as damage handling or deadline management.

Comprehensive operational monitoring and quality assurance

Appointment and deadline management

Contract, warranty and damage management

Technical documentation and reporting

Takeover of electrotechnical responsibility

Axel Stelzer, Director Technical Operations

Our specialists

Professionals in their field

Today’s wind turbines must meet high technical requirements for optimal operation. Numerous conditions and regulations apply, which result e.g. from the approval procedures. Sometimes, this raises questions that can push the all-rounders to their limits. Thanks to their many years of experience, our wind farm specialists develop practical solutions – both for individual and overarching problems.

Detailed fleet analysis for proactive management of your wind farms

Own manufacturer managers with many years of expertise

Experts for all turbine components from the foundation to the tower to the rotor blade

Savings potential through efficient contract management

Predictive maintenance management

Inspections and site visits

On site at any time

With our field service we support your wind farms directly on site. Our experienced colleagues are familiar with the technical features of all manufacturers. They regularly carry out inspections, check maintenance and monitor commissioned services. The technicians take any necessary measures immediately and thus ensure the optimal operation of your turbines.

Wind farm inspections

Quality assurance

Control of the services

Electrotechnical services

Electrical engineering expertise

Always energized

Our colleagues also take care of matters in the field of electrical engineering. Ours specialists maintain your transformer or transfer stations, initiate cable test and we have a lot of know-how in the field of measurement and control technology.

Continued operation & repowering

From old to new

As part of our operational management, we identify repowering potential for your wind farm. If repowering is not possible, our experts examine the technical and economic options for continuing to operate your turbines until the end of their actual service life. Of course, we also support you in the dismantling of your wind turbines.

Sound, ice buildup & more

We know the solution

Every wind farm has its own special features. Depending on location, turbine manufacturer or even turbine type, the challenges for technical management vary enormously.

We work closely with universities and colleges and support cooperation projects that deal with the current and also the future requirements of wind energy. Therefore, we are excellently networked on the market and will immediately find the right solution for the specific challenges of your wind farm – for example, to minimize noise emissions or to reduce ice buildup.

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