4 Gigawatt in Operation

31. Januar 2018

A major milestone: As the first German operator, wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG has reached the 4 Gigawatt mark. “The annual energy consumption of a four-person household of around 4,000 kWh can thus be produced in only 3,6 seconds”, explains Delia Richter, managing director of wpd windmanager. “But there is still room for development. Our portfolio shall continue to grow further.”

New site in Taiwan

The focus is set especially on new international projects. Besides Germany (2,910 MW), the main target markets include France (328 MW), Taiwan (325 MW) and Finland (273 MW). “We already have locations in both France and Finland”, says Nils Brümmer, managing director of wpd windmanager. “Soon we will move into our new office in Taiwan as well.” New wind farms are to follow in Canada, Chile and Spain.

With additional projects the operational management requirements increase – especially with international wind farms in new markets. Therefore, a  high level of flexibility and innovative strength is essential. “What has always made us special is our ability to adapt to market changes and to break new ground”, says Brümmer. “It is very important that we preserve this dynamism – despite our considerable size.” With a portfolio of 1,965 wind turbine generators the Bremen-based company is now responsible for 4,030 Megawatt installed power – both nationally and internationally.

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