Branchentag Windenergie NRW: Determination of site quality after commissioning

21. Juni 2019

The EEG 2017 has defined that the site quality of a wind turbine must be checked on the basis of the real operating data after five, ten and fifteen years of operation. The Fördergesellschaft Windenergie e.V. (Wind Energy Promotion Association) describes in Technical Guideline 10 (Technische Richtlinie 10) how this has to be done.

The 11th Branchentag Windenergie NRW dedicates a separate workshop to this topic on 26th and 27th June at the KOMED in Cologne. Here, participants learn everything relevant to the requirements and discuss problems and challenges with the experts.

As a speaker: Till Schorer, Director Sales at wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG. With his lecture „No Data – No Remuneration: Requirements and Implementation of the Technical Guideline 10 in Operational Management“, Schorer gives an insight into the determination of site quality and illustrates which role the provision of data plays and how Technical Guideline 10 makes new demands on technical and commercial operational management.

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