Concentrated Competence – wpd windmanager and BELFOR to Develop Integrated Solution Concept for Average Management

4. Oktober 2016

In the event of average to a wind turbine, every minute counts to minimize damages and ensuing costly endeavors. This will be ensured by the agreement that has been closed at the WindEnergy in Hamburg between wpd windmanager and BELFOR. If the 2wpd windmanager 24/7 control room will – for instance – receive a notification of an oil leakage in a tower, the competent staff will arrange for a BELFOR service team to proceed to the wind farm immediately. A fast response is ensured due to the great number of BELFOR branches and their own 24/7 service. A special average box for oil damages, including a mobile oil collection tray and materials for sealing the tower, allow for swift implementation of measures for soil protection, thus avoiding costly soil excavation and soil clean-up due to contamination with oil. In the event that soil contamination has already occurred, the BELFOR specialists are able to take soil samples on site for subsequent analysis. For the following renovation and clean-up of the tower, wpd windmanager also relies on the expertise of BELFOR. Axel Stelzer, director of the technical management at wpd windmanager, comments on the signing of the agreement: “We are glad that we were able to gain such an experienced partner in BELFOR to further Supplement the comprehensive service offers at wpd windmanager.”


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