High profile visit to Borne wind farm

29. August 2023

Last week, Energy Minister Prof. Dr. Armin Willingmann from the Ministry of Science, Energy, Climate Protection and the Environment of Saxony-Anhalt visited the Borne wind farm. Together with our BNK expert Jonas Lesch and representatives from wpd, mdp and LEE, the Energy Minister discussed the current status of demand-based night-time marking (BNK) and the local acceptance of wind energy.

In Borne, several wind farm operators have joined forces to implement a BNK system from Deutsche Windtechnik AG. A total of 30 wind turbines in four wind farms have already been connected in the dark. On site, the BNK is one of the most visible measures to increase acceptance.

Accompanied by several members of the press, the long and positive cooperation between the operators, project developers and the community in Borne was emphasized. The wind farm can serve as a good example for other municipalities – the local participants agreed.

The experienced colleagues from energy grid service also attended the event and allowed several members of the press and visitors to climb the wind turbines to explain the turbine technology and the installed BNK system.

Thanks again to everyone involved for their great support.


Photo credits: Nilz Böhme

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