New wpd windmanager Location in Bremerhaven

23. Juli 2020

In mid-July, the wpd windmanager world acquired a further German location: The wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG has now moved with its technical management into an additional location in the Schleusenstraße at the „Neuen Hafen“ in Bremerhaven. „Bremerhaven is a totally attractive location for us because there is a high affinity to wind energy here,“ says Nils Brümmer, managing director of the wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG. „We have the opportunity to build up a new location with long-time employees on site and also to grow further with new qualified personnel in the future“.

The technical team starts with a total of seven colleagues from Bremerhaven, who previously commuted daily to Bremen. The former commuters are very pleased about this: „We save about two hours of travelling time every day“, says Jakob Tedros from the technical management. „However, we will be in Bremen frequently due to the proximity to our headquarters“. For this purpose, changing workstations will be set up accordingly.

In terms of content, the tasks of the newly Bremerhaven-based staff will not change for now. While Kai-Henning Boxberger, Jakob Tedros, Tim Hryzyk, Andreas Greulich and Karin Trudwig will continue to deal with matters relating to the technical management, Leif Lüchau and Sascha Hillmer will support the field service from Bremerhaven. In addition to the colleagues from wpd windmanager Technik, employees of Deutsche Windtechnik will also move into the offices in the Schleusenstraße.

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