wpd windmanager grows: Over 5 GW in operations management/ national and international growth

24. August 2020

On course for growth: wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG continues to push the expansion of its business activities – with new locations, new target markets and new services. The company is growing. In 2020, five more offices will be added – two nationally in Erkelenz and Bremerhaven, three more internationally in Spain, Chile and Sweden. „Worldwide, we now manage 513 wind farms with 2,445 wind turbines and a total output of 5,259 megawatts,“ says Nils Brümmer, Managing Director at wpd windmanager. „This makes us not only the market leader in Germany, but also one of the major players internationally in the field of operational management.“ In addition to the core market in Germany, wpd windmanager is active in various other European countries, in North and South America as well as in Asia.

International growth: Around 2 gigawatts in operational management

This year three new target markets with large volumes will be added in parallel. With 71 MW in Sweden, 177 MW in Spain and 370 MW in Chile, the international portfolio in operation management will perspectively grow to almost 2 gigawatts. „For us it is quite an extraordinary situation to implement the structures for three new target countries at the same time. Especially as we are also growing continuously in other countries such as France, Finland, Croatia and Poland,“ explains Henning Rüpke, responsible for the international business development. „However, we are fully on target here and have expanded both the local teams and the Investor Relations department accordingly.“

National growth: Erkelenz and Bremerhaven

wpd windmanager is also expanding nationally. Through the integration of psm Nature Power Service & Management GmbH & Co. KG with more than 60 employees, the new wpd windmanager competence center for photovoltaics and continued operation was created in Erkelenz. “ Our goal is to offer our customers the operational management of wind farms and solar farms from one source“, explains Ian-Paul Grimble, Managing Director at wpd windmanager. „We see a lot of potential, especially in the PV sector.“ Following the new location in Erkelenz, wpd windmanager opened another office in Bremerhaven in the middle of this year.

External investors

In addition to the wind farms from the pipeline of wpd AG, wpd windmanager is taking over more and more operational management projects from external investors. „Thanks to our size, our know-how and the different target markets, we are an interesting partner for many internationally oriented wind farm operators – for example, to gain a foothold in a new market or to receive cross-national support for the entire portfolio,“ explains Till Schorer, Director Sales at wpd windmanager. In the last two years alone, wpd windmanager was able to acquire around 225 MW via external projects. And the trend is rising.

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