wpd windmanager Takes Over Commercial Management

8. Mai 2018

As of April 1, 2018, the Bremen-based wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG has taken over the commercial management of the wind farm Bramstedt for the Goodyields Capital GmbH from Munich. From now on, wpd windmanager manages the ongoing financial accounting such as liquidity planning, target/actual comparisons and processing payment transactions. The Lower Saxony wind farm, which has been put into operation in 2007, consists of 6 Fuhrländer MD77 wind turbines with a total of 9 MW capacity.

“Based on the demonstrated experience and the commercial attractiveness we were pleased to award the commercial management of our wind farm Bramstedt to wpd windmanager”, said Christian Auer, COO at Goodyields Capital. “For us, the cooperation is a foundation for further projects.” wpd windmanager also sees good opportunities for future collaborations: “Besides Germany we both focus on Finland and France as main target countries”, explains Henning Rüpke, Technical Management International at wpd windmanager. “It is therefore obvious, that we discuss common projects with Goodyields to see how we can both benefit from synergies.” With the wind farm Bramstedt a first step has now been taken.

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