Music Video in Wind Farm Tohkoja

5. Juni 2018

Once Pink Floyd sang about “The Great Gig in the Sky”. The Finnish artist Anssi Kela can now tell a thing or two about it. For his new music video „Konserttisalikiertueelle syksyllä“ the musician, who has been awarded with several platinum honors, climbed the nacelle of a Vestas V117 in the wind farm Tohkoja. Armed with guitar, microphone and the necessary protective equipment Anssi Kela sang his new hit at a height of 137 meters.



On site the Finnish musician was supported by the wpd windmanager field service and a Vestas service team, who ensured that all safety standards were maintained. The required protective clothing was a personal challenge for the musician since long hair and black clothes are his trademarks. Anssi Kela had to get used to the helmet and the protective suit. But after a short period of time the singer and songwriter was all for it and he proved his musical talent even at dizzying heights.



Background: The initial idea for the music video came from the Finnish wind power Association, in which wpd Finland is also a member. The aim was to present the themes “wind energy” and “climate change” from a new perspective. For this, social media influencers and YouTube stars should be involved. Together with the media and event company Live Nation, the video was organized with Anssi Kela. The musician was immediately inspired. His only request: He wanted to be the first to make such a video.

No sooner said than done. The full video can be watched here: Youtube

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