Wind Farm Service by Bike

27. September 2018

Oulu, Finland. Thursday morning, at 09.12 a.m. Kimmo Parantainen and Ilkka Määttä are all set and start pedaling. A distance of around six kilometers lies ahead of them. In about twenty minutes they will reach their destination: the wind farm Vihreäsaari.

Kimmo and Ilkka work in the technical operations management as technical inspectors at the Finnish wpd windmanager site in Oulu. “Whenever it is possible, we like to use environmentally friendly modes of transportation and leave the car”, says Ilkka. “We enjoy getting some fresh air. That is one reason why we purchased two service bikes.“ The wind farm in the harbor of Oulu is easily accessible by bike. For shorter routes such as to the wind farm Vihreäsaari this is very convenient.

„When we told our colleagues about our service bike idea for the first time, they were a little bit skeptical”, remembers Kimmo. “The word was: You really want to ride to the turbine?” But when the idea was put in concrete terms with the cargo bikes, the colleagues were convinced as well.



Equipped with two big aluminum boxes, the cargo bikes offer sufficient storage space. Thus, Kimmo and Ilkka can transport everything they need for the wind farm service including PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), spare clothes, first aid kits, flashlights, cameras etc.



Generally, Kimmo and Ilkka need two to three hours to inspect a turbine, as it was the case this Thursday. The two service technicians do not find any noticeable defects at the Vestas V126. Without special occurrences Kimmo and Ilkka set out.



Meanwhile it is 12:14. Time for lunch. On their way back, they stop in the city. The elaborate search for a parking space is not necessary. They park the cargo bikes directly in the city center.

Kimmo eats Hernekeitto ja Pannukakku – pea soup with pancakes. Traditionally, this dish is served every Thursday all over Finland. Ilkka chooses Silakkalaatikko – a fish casserole with herring and potatoes. Well fortified, they head back to the office – on their service bikes, in the fresh air.

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