wpd windmanager ISO Certified

10. Februar 2021

Certification Applies to All National Sites/Extension of QMS for International Operations to Follow

Quality management, processes and operating procedures – these were probably three of the most frequently used terms in recent years at wpd windmanager GmbH & Co. KG. In 2018, the company decided to have its business processes certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Now, the operating manager of wind farms and solar projects, headquartered in Bremen, has been successfully audited by DQS GmbH – the German society for the certification of management systems. And it did so with flying colors: „In the case of an initial certification that was prepared and carried out without external consultants, it is not often that we cannot find any deviations from the management system. However, that was the case here“, expresses Dr. Klaus Köpnick, independent consultant and lead auditor for the certification of wpd windmanager. „The company itself already has specific ideas on how to proceed. That was particularly remarkable for us.“

From Skepticism to Conviction

For wpd windmanager, the certification was a balancing act between formalization and individual customer support: „Initially, there was definitely a certain skepticism“, Dr. Klaus Meier, Managing Partner at wpd windmanager, looks back. „We know from our customer satisfaction survey: Our customers value individual support very highly.“ Excessive regulation of work processes would therefore be counterproductive. This had to be considered accordingly in the management system.

In the meantime, skepticism gave way to conviction: „Many processes have become clearer and better. We can transform them into new environments and we have now created structures for improvements even more systematically“, says Meier.

International Locations

The international business is next to benefit from these improvements. After the successful certification for the German offices, the management system will be rolled out worldwide. „The goal is to successively implement our quality management system at the international sites“, explains Malte Backhaus, Head of Quality Management at wpd windmanager. „In doing so, of course, we always look at the respective country and incorporate the local specifics accordingly.“

So the international „windmanager“ can already get used to terms such as „quality management“, „processes“ and „operating procedure“.

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